Customer Groups

All customer questions are important, but in our latest release, we give you a small, but mighty way to prioritize them—all in the name of efficiency.

Customer groups allow you to tag customers based on your team’s priorities: company size, plan type, LTV, product usage, and so on. Groups allow you to stay focused on the customers that matter to you.

Groups can be set and managed both through our app and programmatically. Groups managed through the API ensure Plain always matches your internal customer data – for example, to reflect the plan a customer is on.

Groups managed through the app are useful for information managed manually, like for example whether someone’s in the onboarding stage. Create and update groups either in the sidebar, on a customer page, or from Settings.

To focus on a certain group (for example, Enterprise customers), select the label at the top of your queue to get a filtered view.

🏌️ Pro tip: a customer can be part of multiple groups, which gives you maximum flexibility in how you segment and organize your day.

Customer groups are now live. Read our docs for more info on how to set up groups using our API.

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