Many people have asked us for webhooks, and it’s been something we’ve been wanting to build for a long time. Webhooks enable you to receive notifications for specific events programmatically.

For instance, you can automate notifications from incoming emails and take action by creating an issue or updating a custom timeline entry. Or you could react to a customer becoming active by assigning them to someone in your team:

  "timestamp": "2023-02-21T12:58:51.232Z",
  "workspaceId": "w_01GST0W989ZNAW53X6XYHAY87P",
  "payload": {
    "eventType": "customer.customer_status_transitioned",
    "previousCustomer": {
      "id": "c_01GSYS6SNPYMXXEBC30D2GNHNM",
      "status": "IDLE",
      "statusChangedAt": "2023-02-21T12:58:50.775Z",},
    "customer": {
      "id": "c_01GSYS6SNPYMXXEBC30D2GNHNM",
      "status": "ACTIVE",
      "statusChangedAt": "2023-02-21T12:58:51.112Z",}
  "id": "pEv_01GST0WAZ0W31PN3BH76M9E2SP",
  "webhookMetadata": {
    "webhookTargetId": "whTarget_01GST2GW9PXD7FMW924XF13M99",
    "webhookDeliveryAttemptId": "whAttempt_01GST0WBEHV132SN0W17CHKF6S",
    "webhookDeliveryAttemptNumber": 1,
    "webhookDeliveryAttemptTimestamp": "2023-02-21T12:58:51.729Z"
  "type": "customer.customer_status_transitioned"

Ultimately, webhooks give you the ability to further customize your Plain workspace, which results in a better experience for your customers. You can learn more about webhooks here: https://docs.plain.com/core-api/webhooks.

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