Early access: Linear integration and webhooks

🎟️ Early access: Linear integration

We’re excited to be opening early access for our Linear integration in the coming weeks. This integration will allow you to link Plain and Linear so you can easily log issues your customers have encountered directly from Plain, and close the loop with your customers whenever there’s been an update on an issue in Linear.

To be added to the early access list for this feature, reach out to us through in-app support or email us.

🪝 Early access: Webhooks

Alongside our Linear integration, our Webhooks feature will soon be in early access as well. Webhooks allow you to programmatically react to things that happen within Plain – for example, you could respond to an incoming email by automatically opening an issue on the customer’s timeline, or assign the customer to someone specific on your team.

To test this before we release it more widely, reach out to us through in-app support or email us.

🦸‍♀ Looping in support

Sometimes a conversation starts outside of Plain. But if you then wanted to bring the conversation into Plain, you couldn't. The conversation would be lost in your inbox, forever. Drifting away into the email void.

Well, good news! In your email client, you can now simply CC your Plain-powered support email. The conversation will appear in Plain on the relevant customer’s timeline, so you or your team can pick things up from there with all the context in one place.

🔀 Improved timeline switching

Just before the end of last year, we released a feature that allowed you to more easily switch between the timelines of customers CC’d in an email thread. We’ve had some great feedback on this from everyone, so we rolled out a few improvements:

  • We now automatically create new timelines for new customers that are CC’d in email threads.
  • Because we do this automatically, customer timelines will now show all of the messages they’re CC’d on, instead of just the latest one.
  • We also took this as an opportunity to spruce up the UI, so things are feeling much cleaner now.

✨ Small but important improvements

🔔 New email notifications: When a customer is assigned to you, you will now get an email notification to let you know. This matches how Slack notifications work and can be toggled on/off in your notification settings.

🔙 Back to queue: We’ve made it easier to navigate from a customer timeline back to a queue, which used to take a couple of clicks. Now, just click the "Back to queue" button in the sidebar and you'll be taken right back to where you were.

✏️ A snappier composer: We've completely rebuilt our chat and email composer under the hood for much faster performance.

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