Timeline switching

🀢 Happy holidays! 🀢 We're excited to bring you some festive updates.

πŸ’Œ Timeline switching

We've made it easier to manage email threads with multiple people involved. When an email has multiple recipients, you can now visit the timeline of any of the other recipients and keep the conversation going there – either just with them, or with other recipients in CC. And if the customer doesn't exist yet, we'll create them for you and move the conversation over to their timeline.

A screenshot of a dropdown with a list of customers to switch to
Copy the email into another customer's timeline and keep the conversation going.

🏁 Unassignment after marked as helped

Now, when you mark a customer as "helped", you'll be automatically unassigned from them. Previously, you'd stay assigned to them in case they got back in touch. Now, if the same customer needs additional help, they will automatically be placed back in the "Waiting for help" queue where your whole workspace can see them.

Give it a go in Plain.

✨ Improvements

  • You can now add links to notes.
  • We've removed the Helped queue from Your Customers. Now all customers that are marked as helped will be placed in the workspace-wide Helped queue.
  • We've made it easier to keep track of customer issues by making them visible at a glance from the customer queue.
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