Message previews in notifications and Discord Integration

This week we are launching two notification-related features that will help you stay up to date with what's happening in Plain even when don't have it open: Message previews and Discord notifications.

πŸ”” Discord Notifications

We've previously shipped Slack Notifications, allowing you to be notified in Slack whenever something happens in Plain. This week we're launching Discord notifications so you can get notified in a channel of your choice. Simply head over to Settings β†’ Notifications in Plain to set it up.

Notifications will then be sent to the channel depending on the settings you have chosen. Below is an example of when a new customer became active.

A screenshot of a Discord notification generated by Plain
Notifications have a direct link to Plain for taking action.

πŸ‘οΈ Message previews in notifications

After launching Slack notifications, we quickly got feedback from customers who wanted to know not just who was waiting for help in Plain, but also the query itself so they could get a sense of how urgent it was.

We've now added a message preview to each Slack and Discord notification. You'll now see the customer's most recent message in a notification – and if there were multiple messages in a short space of time – any other messages sent in the last 5 minutes.

A screenshot of a Slack notification with a timeline preview
A preview of the customers timelines is included in notifications to give context on how urgent the customer query is.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • πŸ€– Machine users can now be updated, allowing you to change their public name and description
  • 🦊 Fixed an issue where Command + K didn't behave correctly in Firefox
  • βš™οΈ Organised our settings layout to make things easier to find
  • πŸ’Œ Added email notifications for when a customer you sends you a chat or an email
  • 🀳 Improved mobile support
  • #changelog

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