Welcome Kenna, Andrew & Mitchell

Hiring is one of the hardest things about building a company, but also one of the most rewarding. We're incredibly excited to welcome Kenna, Andrew and Mitchell to the Plain team!

Kenna Smutz, Senior Software Engineer


Hey I’m Kenna. Before joining Plain as a Senior Software Engineer I was at Heron as a CPO.

Why did you join Plain?

At Heron I was a customer of Plain and really loved the customer driven mission and approach. As a product driven person it’s really important to me to align with the founders and empathize with the problem, and that’s exactly what I got with Plain!

What's your favourite thing to eat during the week?

Oooof - don’t get me started on egg burritos! Necessary components are a homemade Caesar aioli, sharp cheddar and avocado-toast seasoning!

Andrew Cobley, Senior Product Designer


Hi I’m Andrew, a Senior Product Designer at Plain. Before joining the team, I worked on platform extensibility at Hopin, all the things at Songkick, and helped many early stage startups with product design and development.

Why did you join Plain?

When I first met the Plain team what I loved was team’s genuine passion for customer service tooling. It’s a hugely complex space and speaking to the team made it clear how difficult it is to build a well crafted product that solves the real and complex problems companies face in providing great customer service.

Also as a product designer with a past life in engineering, I was drawn to Plain’s focus of also being satisfying to build with as an engineer. It’s really interesting to consider both engineers and customer support advisors as different, but equal, users of Plain.

Ultimately it was great to find a role where both my design and developer experience was valuable, coupled with a small, super smart team who are inspired to build, and solve problems well.

You are moving to a desert island - you get one object, what do you take with you?

My dog (surely an object), a scruffy lurcher called Fig, loves lazing in the sun, so she would enjoy being there much more than I would!

Mitchell Petrie, Senior Product Designer


👋 Hey, I’m Mitchell, before I joined the design team at Plain I worked on data tooling at Graphy, all things investment at Freetrade and robot doctors at Babylon Health.

Why did you join Plain?

I’ve always loved working on a product where everyone there has a real care for craft and wants to create something great. Having followed Plain’s journey since the very beginning that care always shone through. Add to that a solid mission and a space where design isn’t just allowed to jump into the code but encouraged and I’m sold! ✨

What's one thing you know unusually a lot about?

How to make a car shiny. I've spent way too much time learning about paint and the different ways to get the most shine from it. I spend around 150hrs a year dedicated to cleaning, polishing & protecting car paint. Including taking a week off from work to just clean my car.

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