Mobile support and Search

Mobile support 📱

Us in 2021: “Hey, should we build our app responsively?”
— “Nah, nobody will use this on their phones.”

Moving on…

Many customers have been asking for mobile support. We have been working towards making all areas of our app responsive and look great on mobile!

With these thoughts in mind, we made the most substantial changes to the timeline. Now, the customer communication page has two different views on mobile.

Two mobile screenshots of Plain showing the Timeline and Details screens.
Timeline and Details view on Plain mobile
  • The "Timeline" view shows all communications with the customer.
  • The "Details" view displays all the information needed to support the customer, without taking away real estate from the timeline and distracting from conversation with the customer.

This new layout on mobile allows our users the freedom and efficiency to use our app from anywhere!

Customer Search 🔎

Customer Search is one of those features which we knew we needed, but we also wanted it to happen organically. Fully driven by customer intent. If someone asked for search, it would mean their company was growing. Even better, they were growing with us!

And this time came two weeks ago. A week after, we have fully released Search to all our customers!

Our search functionality is built on top of three principles: it needs to be simple, fast and flexible. If you simply want to get going with our Support App, we have got you covered with the first two, as you can see below:

Two mobile screenshots of Plain showing the Timeline and Details screens.
Plain's new Search in action

Feel free to check out the API reference covering our new searchCustomers query and a recipe to get you started quickly.

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