Slack notifications have landed

It's been a big few weeks! Along with shipping Custom Timeline Entries, we're also shipping improvements to something really fundamental: Notifications πŸ’¬ πŸ“©

✨ Slack Notifications

A crucial component of providing great support is reacting quickly. Email notifications were simply too slow for this. So as of today you can be notified in Slack, both as a team and individually, when someone needs help!

In your Settings, you can now integrate Slack and configure the notifications that are relevant for you personally and you as a team.

  • Workspace notifications are sent to a channel of your choice and are great for team-wide visibility.
  • User notifications are sent to you directly and are great for when you need to be notified about an assigned customer or want to keep up to date about workspace activity while not polluting public channels.
The Plain app 'Workspace notifications' page screenshot.
Configure notifications on both a workspace and personal level.

This will then send notifications to the configured Slack channel. For example, if you have a new message in a conversation that moves the customer into the "Waiting for help" queue, and you have the "Any customer starts waiting for help" setting enabled, you'll get a notification in Slack that looks like this πŸ‘‡.

A screenshot of a Slack notification generated by Plain
Notifications have a direct link to Plain for taking action.

As well as having Slack notification settings, we now have the ability to disable the existing email notification settings. With both email and Slack notification options, you're able to decide how you'd like to be informed about customer activity.

✨ Custom Timeline Entries

Many examples of Custom Timeline Entries in in a collage.

We've been testing out a really exciting feature with our design partners that we'd love to share today. We call it Custom Timeline Entries, and it allows you to insert relevant information into your customer's timeline.

Some great use cases for this are:

  • Rich bug reports
  • Important events such as a plan upgrade, refund processed or declined payment
  • Feedback submission
  • Product events specific to your company. For example, an e-commerce company might add a new timeline entry for an order placed with a "Tracking link" button. This means when if the customer couldn't find their confirmation email, and reaches out, your team doesn't need to leave Plain to support them.

Check out the Custom Timeline Entry recipe in the API docs for information on how you can create these entries yourself!

You can also read more about Custom Timeline Entries in the latest blog entry.

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