Small fixes and improvements

While we continue work on some really exciting features that are currently being tested by one of our design partners (we can't wait to show you!), we've shipped a bunch of minor improvements and bug fixes:


  • We've added a chat settings page that lets you enable and disable chat. We initially always had chat enabled but this led to some confusing situations when you only use Plain with email.
  • As part of this, we improved how the support app handles scenarios where you don't have any channels configured. You are now directed to Channel settings where you can get set up.
  • We fixed the caching of OPTIONS API requests in the Support App which makes everything feel a tiny bit snappier πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ
  • We simplified the visual treatment of customers in the customer queue, to more clearly differentiate customers waiting for a reply from those you've already responded to. We also now show the customer's email in the queue.
  • We simplified how you switch modes in the composer between chat, email and notes. Check it out!
The Plain composer showing you can email, chat and leave notes and switch between those modes via tabs.
Our new composer makes it easier to switch between email, chat and notes.
  • You can now add attachments to chat messages via our Core and Customer API. We're working on the UI side of this next.
  • In the customer queue, we now include customers that are active but don't yet have any messages. This is particularly useful for customers programmatically created through our API. You can also show or hide these customers with a new filter option.
  • We now show how and by whom a customer was created at the beginning of their timeline. This is particularly useful when customers are created via our API.
  • We shipped a new baby - 3rd in the history of Plain! This will make things cuter and meetings more distracting. πŸ‘Ά 3️⃣

Bug fixes

  • πŸ› Auto-replies are now correctly filtered out when you email a customer - this should help reduce noise when contacting lots of customers at once programatically.
  • πŸ› Fixed a bunch of bugs and edge cases in our HTML to markdown parsing for emails.
  • πŸ› Fixed race condition which sometimes resulted customer becoming active again immediately after marking them as resolved.
  • #changelog

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