Chat script tag support

In addition to our React chat npm library, we now also give you a simple script tag* to add Plain chat to your site. This makes it really easy to add chat to, for example, your marketing website or to any non-React codebase.

Find out how to add it by heading to Settings → Chat in your app.

<script async src=""></script>
  window.$plain = window.$plain || [];
  function plain() {
  plain('init', {
    appKey: 'YOUR_APPKEY',
  plain('set-theme', {
    brandColor: '#fcba03',

* Our CEO, Simon, wanted to call it cs.js in name of great branding, but this got vetoed by the team and changed to customerChat.js in the name of clear naming.

More command menu actions

Our command menu now supports a broader range of actions across the support app. You can now navigate to different queues, manage your status, quickly start helping a new customer, and more.

Screenshot of our command menu

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • 📝 Improved docs and test coverage for our React Chat UI package
  • ⏮ Backlink button: The Back to Queue button now goes back to the last queue you were in, as opposed to always going back to Waiting for help
  • 🪄 We’ve made our onboarding flow a bit smoother, so text and images now animate in a bit more nicely.
  • 📧 We made email settings more intuitive and simpler to initially set up.
  • 🔭 We now trim unnecessary whitespace off messages when they send
  • #changelog
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