It's the small things

In between working on better support for logged out customers via chat (more on that soon!) we've taken on a few small quality of life bits based on your feedback!

First off, when you're interacting with a customer for the first time, we now show you a little banner letting you know:

Second, whenever there’s a customer waiting for help, we now send you an email to let you know in case you don’t have the Plain app open. Watch out for Slack notifications soon!

Every word matters, and we've changed a lot of them in our timeline: All events that are related to a customer's status and who's helping them now read more consistently. We've moved away from using "assignment" and instead now refer to someone "helping" a customer. Less jargon is always a good thing!

On our queue, we've made our filters a bit more compact and easier to find all in one place.

And our sidebar is now ordered to follow the natural cycle in which you help customers: Waiting for Help, Helping, Snoozed and Helped.

On top of that, we:

  • ♻️ Improved the state management of our settings pages so that when you update your settings it’s instantly reflected in other parts of the support app
  • 🐛 Fixed a bug where very long email addresses would break the page layout in the support app
  • 🪲 Fixed a bug where we wouldn’t parse multiple SPF headers received with an inbound email
  • 🦟 Fixed a bug where updating a user’s role wouldn’t be reflected in the list of workspace users

Before we close out this week's changelog, a bit of shameless self-promotion: Matt and I were recently invited onto the fantastic thistbh podcast to talk about the transition from designer to founder. We had a lot of fun, check it out!

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