NextJS support

Screenshot of our chat UI NextJS website which shows a fictional chat between a customer and an advisor.

Given we ❤️ NextJS at Plain and use it for all our apps it's long overdue we showed you how to set up Plain’s chat widget with NextJS.

To do this we've created a small example repo where we use NextJS’s API routes to get the customer details and pass them to our @team-plain/react-chat-ui package.

Check it out here!

To run the demo you will need early access to Plain - drop your details here and we'll get you set up.

Other improvements

  • 💌 Worked our way through roughly 1481 different fun quirks and pecularities of emails 🤓 More on this soon!
  • ℹ️ Across all of our app it felt a bit quiet and empty when you first joined. To make the app a bit easier to understand and make onboarding smoother we’ve put a bunch of love into our empty states. They should now more clearly explain what’s going on and slowly teach you how to use Plain when you need a bit more help.
  • 🔁 We also wanted to make it a bit easier to set up your issues when you join Plain. Everyone setting up their workspace now gets prompted to create a list of the things that people get in touch about - we call them Issues. Now you also don’t have to open a modal per issue you create, but can instead tick the ‘Create multiple’ box and create a lot of issues in one go.
  • #changelog
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