In any tool where you spend several hours a day, the small stuff quickly adds up. Repetitive actions become strenuous and unnecessary clicks quickly accumulate into time sinks. So our goal is to make Plain super keyboard friendly for anything from occasional usage to all-day-every-day power users.

An obvious place to start is with the introduction a command palette, which is now available in the support app. Simply hit Cmd+K to get a list of everything you can do right there and then, all available at your fingertips ✨

We're starting out with support for all actions available on the customer page:

  • Opening and resolving issues
  • Managing customer state: Marking a customer as helped or snoozing them
  • Assignment: unassign, assign to yourself and assign to someone else

Keep an eye out for expanded Cmd+K support in the coming weeks and months!

You’ve got mail... 📨

Alongside Cmd+K, we've been heads-down building email support so Plain gives you out-of-the-box chat and email. We’re not quite there yet but getting closer by the day, and are excited to share more soon! Now excuse us while we dive back into the world of HTML parsing, threading and DKIM...

Other improvements

  • 🎨 We’ve given several areas of our app a little makeover. Watch this space for a detailed writeup soon.
  • ⏳ Improved how we show timestamps in the customer queue: you can now quickly and easily see how long ago you replied to someone
  • 🚫 Bug: Fixed an issue where a deleted user didn’t show correctly in the timeline
  • 👻 Bug: If you were removed from a workspace, the workspace would still show in your list of workspaces but be inaccessible. This is now fixed.
  • 👍 Bug: Added a success state when you change your workspace name
  • 🛑 Bug: Fixed a bug in the customer subscription that caused some updates to timeline information to not be delivered
  • 👤 Bug: Fixed an issue where a list of customers would not get updated if you changed who someone was assigned to
  • 🚥 Test coverage: Fixed a handful of flaky tests!
  • #changelog
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