Customer queue, take three

We're continuing with lots of work on email support and our embeddable React chat UI package (more on that soon).

In the meantime, we've been iterating on our customer queue to make it easier to parse. We want every area of our app to be opinionated in what it presents to you, and our first draft here was essentially a visualisation of what we had in the DB. This next iteration was aimed at improving the structure and format of the page and setting the foundations for lots of future work here.

This is what the new customer queue looks like now:

Customer queue

There are a couple of notable changes here:

  • We now show real-time load indicators on the left so you can get a sense of how many people are waiting for help, or how many you are helping right now.
  • We show filters in the top right that persist across all queues, so it's super easy to quickly tab through different queues while keeping your filter settings.
  • Finally, you can now see very quickly how long a customer has been waiting for a reply - animated with the magic of CSS conical gradients 🪄.
Customer queue wait indicators

This is only the first of many workflow and UI improvements we want to make here.


  • 🚤 You can now view and assign yourself to any customer in one click from the customer queue. #lessClicks


  • 🔄 After some rather complex work under the hood, we now refresh any customer list in the UI much faster by selectively marking lists as stale depending on customer changes.
  • 🚦 Improved the user status switcher panel to make it doubly, triply clear which status you currently are in.
  • 💤 When you go offline, we now prompt you to unassign yourself from all your customers so your colleagues can help them instead.
  • 🍃 Added small transitions to our dropdown menu components for that little bit of polish.
  • 😌 Improved initial loading state when the support app loads up to be smoother and less janky.
  • ⏰ API support for sorting customers by how long they've been waiting for a reply.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented snoozed customers from being marked as helped.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in chat messages in the timeline not being grouped correctly.
  • If you visit the URL of a workspace you are not a member of, you are now redirected to a list of your workspaces rather than getting an error.
  • Small schema improvements to our API, and other small changes such as consistently handling nullable fields the same way when sorting lists.
  • #changelog
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