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👉 A quick housekeeping update: We're moving away from weekly updates, to posting in-depth updates as and when they make sense to share.

This week is all about user statuses! We had previously done some of the API work for this, and now it's available in the client too. You can now switch your user status quickly and easily from the top navigation. Also, you can now see all of your teammate's statuses in the timeline, customer queue and everywhere else. This makes it easy to see if your teammate is online before assigning them a customer or taking any other action.

As part of this, we've reorganised our navigation to split out workspace-specific settings from your personal settings. This makes it a bit clearer as to what options are specific to you, versus your workspace.

User statuses


  • 😌 If you mistakenly mark a customer as helped, you can now undo it in one click. No stress!
  • 📍 We improved our assignment UI so that popovers now open in-location rather than centered on the screen. Thanks Radix!
  • 👆 We improved our focus states app-wide so that we now only show a focus state when you are tabbing through the app (thanks to the magic of :focus-visible).
  • ⏱ Customer TimelineInfo now has an updated_at timestamp like all other entities in our APIs
  • 🚂 We've made various improvements to how we use subscriptions and cache customers in our Support Tool so everything is as snappy as possible and all customer information is updated in real-time via GraphQL subscriptions.
  • 😎 We added a new GraphQL query called myUser to our core API to fetch your own user when you are in a workspace. This means you no longer have to first get your account and then from there fetch your user!
  • 🪄 We made loads of content changes and improvements throughout our Support App. Much to the satisfaction of one engineer on our team who shall remain nameless, you no longer "Log-out", you now "Sign out" instead.


  • Customer counts were not correct in the customer queue for some filter combinations. Now you can count on them always being right.
  • We fixed some validation on our "mark as read" mutation in our core API
  • #changelog
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