Advisor statuses

In a lot of customer service platforms, an advisor is either online or offline. This doesn't really as a manager give you a great sense of whether someone is just having lunch, is helping a teammate out or… uhh.. doing other things 🚽.

To make this a bit better we allow advisors to explicitly go on a break as well as being offline. In the future, this will us to better handle customers replying or getting back in touch while you are working but just temporarily stepped away from your desk. Importantly it will also be able to feed into how reporting works and give managers a great overview of the team, especially in remote teams and during global pandemics.

 enum UserStatus {

Other changes

  • Feature: There is now a new unassignAllCustomers mutation to unassign all customers from a user. This will be used in cases where advisors go offline for extended periods of time and want to make sure their customers will be looked after by other advisors in the team.
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