Issues is one of the core concepts in Plain: They're a pre-defined list of the things that go wrong and people contact you about – missing items, refunds, delayed orders, and so on.

Every issue you create now gets a unique, dynamically generated avatar. This helps recognize visually when in the customer timeline.

Issues panel

Since most companies will only have a relatively small set of distinct issue types (typically less than 30) we decided to generate these avatars straight in the browser using the issue type id as the seed for a random number generator. This is then used to pick through different avatar templates, shapes, colours and other design rules to create (hopefully) visually pleasing combinations.

Other changes

  • Improvement: Implemented a general wrapper around toast notifications to handle API errors from background API calls or other API calls where there is no clearly responsible UI area within which to show errors (like a form).
  • Improvement: Chat messages are now grouped based on when they were sent similar to how Slack & Whatsapp handle it.
  • Improvement: We've tidied up the structure of our user settings a bit so they're easier to navigate now.
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